If you don't think this is good i don't think you are good.

Vampire Weekend rocks out at Stubb’s with rich lyrics and dynamic sounds

She really likes Vampire Weekend because they are very upbeat and keep her in a positive mood all day long.

An entry from Spires and Gargoyles

Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City. The indie band that I listen to when I want to be more like my friends.

They’ll Put a Little Spring in Your Step

Artist: Vampire Weekend Title: Modern Vampires Of The City Obvious Bicycle Unbelievers Step Diane Young Don’t Lie Hannah Hunt Everlasting Arms Finger Back Worship You Ya Hey Hudson Young Lion

i think ur a contra, i think that you lied, don't call me a contra, til you've tried

Vampire Weekend, Contra

Contra Album Cover Girl Is Sueing Vampire Weekend at We All Want Someone To Shout For