The Victorian Bulldog is loyal and reliable with a typical bulldog personality. Although its appearance can be somewhat intimidating, it is among the gentlest of dogs.

A wide, thick bodied, big bellied, brindle and white Victorian Bulldog is sleeping across a wooden step. The dog has a very big head, a black nose and small eyes.

Weird Vintage- Victorian English bulldog

Victorian Photo of a Victorian English Bulldog.Even they made their animals dress in silly clothes!:/:/:/:/:/ This looks too tall to be an English Bulldog but by the head size it's a Staffordshire Bullie.

victorian bulldog puppies

Bailey's Victorian Bulldog Puppies from Past Litters.

Victorian Bulldog

Victorian Bulldog This looks like the little darling I want to get!

victorian bulldog...

Image detail for -Victorian Bulldog. Bigger than a English but smaller than an American bulldog :) he looks intimidating