Clemence Poesy & Vincent Gallo for G-Star RAW Spring / Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Vincent Gallo - the devil in disguise

Vincent Gallo - the devil in disguise. So wrong & yet disturbingly attractive.

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vincent gallo -- he may be kind of cray cray, but he has a lovely beard.

Vincent Gallo - American film director, writer, actor and musician

vincent gallo - there's something skeevy, yet hot about him.  Though the dodgy banana hammock is a little disturbing...

Precious Memories: The Day Vincent Gallo Told Me to Go Fuck Myself. This is the story of when Vincent Gallo, Movie Star, told me to.

Vincent Gallo - actor, director, writer, musician, model, painter, narcissist.

Behind the scenes for G-Star Raw with Photographer Anton Corbijn & Actor/Director Vincent Gallo

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Brown Bunny Chloe Sevigny Vincent Gallo In the brown bunny or am i