Vintage Desktop Wallpapers!

Illustrations taken from The Highway Code. Printed by Her Majesty's Stationary Office for The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation London, Red dot

Love this smart round up of ten ways to use vintage wallpaper! Totally keeping my eyes open for some favorite is number 6.

Vintage wallpaper- 10 uses of old school wallpaper for your home

Perfect for farmhouse style or even cheap bathroom decor! Ever come across a roll of vintage wallpaper and wish you knew what to do with it? Never fear! Here are ten modern ways to use beautiful vintage wallpaper.

fun desktop wallpapers from Myriad Design

The Solar System of sun and planets travelling anti-clockwise round it. From ‘Odhams Encyclopaedia for Children

vintage desktop wallpaper hd

ARE you in search for vintage wallpaper than you are at right place .GODFATHER STYLE has collected the best vintage wallpapers for retro look.

Vintage Toy Car wallpapers and images – download wallpapers, pictures

Vintage Volkswagen Bus toy, how delightful! For the vintage VW lovers. Surprise them with a little fragrance spritz into the toy and watch their amazement when they open it!

Free vintage desktop wallpaper – flags  Posted by Jane

Educational map Geographical terms in picture and map. From ‘Philips’ Pictorial Atlas of the World showing where and how people live (West Riding of Yorkshire Edition)’.

Japanese Street Map Matchbox Label desktop wallpaper

A Japanese match box cover, potentially from the Beautiful color scheme, and a charmingly rendered map.