Wagon decorated with Tulle to carry the ring-bearer down the aisle. (obviously done in our wedding colors) Or could use it on a bassinet

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Classic Charles Krug Winery Wedding

so cute for a party or shower...decorated white wagon

adorable -- could use at a wedding for pulling little children down the aisle if they are too tiny to be a ring-bearer or flower girl , or stock with ice to keep beverages cold

Ring Bearer's Wagon with Mini Rose and Stock Floral Tufts

Alexis baby niece Irene may be flower girl and pulled in wagon by sister in law, Su, or other, older flower girls

For brides- and grooms-to-be who are parents, there are no guests more special than their sons and/or daughters. The wedding represents a huge milestone for them, too, as it solidifies you as a family, and in many cases signifies your commitment to their parent or step-parent. Many parents rightfully want to honor their children in the ceremony and show their friends and family the love that they all share. Depending on the age of your children, there are a number of different role...

7 Meaningful Ways to Incorporate Your Child into the Ceremony

Maid of honor pulls cart with bride's child during processional: Elaine-Alden-wedding-child.

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Una matricula con "here comes the bride# Mia's wagon- (baby flower girl). Mireya can pull while Alaina (next to her) throws petals on the floor ❤️

'here comes the bride' balloons instead of flowers?

Flower Girl Flowers & Alternatives

Flower Girls & Ring Bearers: Here Comes the Bride! (Photo by Bumby Photography via Glamour & Grace)

The 20 Most Adorable Children to Ever Attend Weddings

The 20 Most Adorable Children to Ever Attend Weddings

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It& been a while since I& posted on Wedding Wednesday. My husband and I were involved in a wedding last week.