DIY yarn chandelier! Not sure how this works... I should try it thoguh. Maybe.

DIY Tutorial: Creative Yarn Chandelier

thinking in natural yarn with a light. DIY Tutorial: Creative Yarn Chandelier make-diy-ideas

DIY Yarn Chandelier

DIY Yarn Chandelier

DIY Yarn Chandelier Ruffled You could add beads even keys for a wind chime effect.

DIY Eames inspired -bohemian pendant lamp

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DIY: yarn chandelier  Pretty sure my cats would be swinging on this bitch in mere minutes. Maybe faster.

Got stash? Turn unused skeins, leftover yardage, or inferior fibers into a seriously crafty decor statement with this yarn chandelier tutorial!

These string chandeliers were the perfect addition to the outdoor dining experience, but they would be equally pretty inside as well.  Tutorial with video-->

Wonderful DIY Decorative String Chandelier With Yarn and Balloon

A #DIY #yarn chandelier from @wedding chicks - What a {fabulous} idea!

DIY Yarn Chandelier

The Wispy Yarn Chandelier will give your wedding space an aura of delicate whimsy that's sure to charm and please. If you need ideas for a rustic wedding, this tutorial is a wonderfully unique touch for your venue.

Kids Yarn Chandelier Craft

Kids Yarn Chandelier Craft

Yarn Balls... great idea.

DIY Tutorial: Creative Yarn Chandelier

Yarn Chandelier Party Decor These adorable yarn chandeliers are perfect for any celebration! They are versatile and budget-friendly. You can make them using a glue mixture, balloons, and yarn. Yes, they are a bit messy, but well worth it!

One of my fav tutorials ever!! by HWTM YARN CHANDELIER     MATERIALS:   – Yarn   – School Glue   – Corn Starch   – Vaseline   – Dowel rod/pole for hanging   – Scissors   – Balloons   – Bowl for Mixing

DIY Tutorial: Creative Yarn Chandelier

Decoration, Summer Decorating Ideas DIY Bright Yarn Chandeliers Made With Balloons Modern Home Living Apartments: Stunning Summer Party Decorations Inspirations 2015 Style

DIY Yarn Chandelier | Got some yarn lying around? Here's a perfect project for you. #DiyReady

10 Beautiful DIY Chandelier Projects

done with crystal rope diy chandelier. Do this w dollar store string of pearls or beads for a christmas tree. Paint different strands for colour!

Tutorial: String Balls, which I love for a party in lieu of balloons or bunting. Use Pam instead of petroleum jelly to coat the balloons?

You make these by dipping (or dredging) yard through a corn starch/glue mix, then wrapping it around a balloon coated with Vaseline so the glue doesn't stick. Once the yarn and glue mixer is dry, pop the balloon for this whimsical DIY lantern! I heard you