Yarn covered letters

Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter

Wrap yarn around a letter made out a wood letter for a cute sign in the home! :) Wrap yarn around a letter made out a wood letter for a cute sign in the home. If you love arts and crafts you will enjoy our info!

yarn wrapped letters are so cute!t  this blog is simply adorable...check her out!

letters wrapped in yarn’ could accessorize with large and small buttons, fabric flowers etc. now i know what to do with all my extra yarn! would be cute in a little girls room @ DIY Home Ideas

Cardboard box letters wrapper in yarn. Love love it

12 Home Decor Projects to Make with Yarn - Page 4 of 13

Love this cute little idea - Wrap yarn around wooden letters! I was even thinking about cutting letters out of a cardboard box and wrapping them with yarn! :) Cute for kids room?

Yarn Wrapped Monogram from Work in Progress Kits #tackyglue #monogram #personalized

Yarn Covered Letters with crochet flower embellishments (letters cut out of sturdy cardboard) by winbo

Wrap pipe cleaners with yarn to create beautiful words or letters!

DIY: Yarn Font

Wrapping yarn over pipe cleaners, creating letters. What a fun thing to do with left over pipe cleaners & yarn!

yarn wrapped letters- JOY that I bought...how to/grrr.... this was a pain!  wrapped J,O & Y - tough!  Not sure I'd do this again BUT, I probably got better at the end.

I am a big fan of yarn wrapped. You can give ordinary objects a cool and aesthetic look simply by wrapping them in yarn and be.

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For our guest room that my sister, Amy, is living in this summer, I wanted to make some personal artwork for above her bed.

13" Green Ombre Yarn Covered Letter – IttieBittieBaby

Green Ombre Yarn Covered Letter

DIY under $5!  Make a yarn covered letter with frame for #nursery! #decor #baby http://varietybyvashti.org

DIY Yarn Covered Letter for Nursery