"What we're made of" - Good idea for theme, but different cover style?

Instead how about " this is what purple knights are made of" or something along those lines. Moncton high as always been very into school pride and sprit so it would only we fitting to make that clear in our yearbook.

SOJOURNER, The American School in London, London, England

the around the world is really cool to see where people in the school are from and things about it -morgan hesson

1917 — exposition Centre Pompidou Metz on Behance - created via https://pinthemall.net

1917 — exposition Centre Pompidou Metz on Behance Main design focus with layouts and font syles

THE BRAHMA, East Bernard High School, East Bernard, Texas

Opinion: question answers spread) give you multiple answers to the same questions giving different perspectives

cool layout with hexagons

Really interesting layout using hexagons and clipping masks. The layout is simple and well thought out. The text under the first hexagon roughly resembles a hexagon making it flow well.

Erin Slupe- This would be a cool idea for the section of the book that includes pictures from summer.

R O O K E // W I L L I A M S Williams Williams Baird Knight. This might be a fun idea for your yearbook layout.

Pieces of photos from the magazine cut up and placed together to show whats in the magazine without giving too much away.

Another interesting table of contents idea. Slivers of images from each main story give a hint of what to expect from the article.