Charming Small Backyard Designs with Swimming Pool

BBC Boracay says: " More than just a pool, more than just swimming. Amzing pool with an entertainment area and awesome view.

in chile, mathias klotz designed casa boza with a semi-outdoor lap surrounded by lush greenery, forming a tranquil and meditative space. photo by roland halbe see more on

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Hot tub, pool, and outdoor kitchen. Great setup for small backyard and love that the hot tub has seats at the counter of the kitchen area.

Rustic Swimming Pool with Viking Free Form Pools, Pathway, exterior stone floors, exterior tile floors, Pool with hot tub

Summer is around the corner, time to think of how you're going to create relaxing outdoor living spaces that feel inviting, an extension of your home.

Built-in slip & slide! I want my house to have this. lol okay more like a built in runway

Stunning pool with outdoor living + fireplace!

The perfect strip of water in small spaces. modern pool by TaC studios. Love the idea of pool by left side of house. Long and narrow.

The Refined Architecture of the Jellyfish House in Marbella, Spain. Wiel Arets Architects have designed the Jellyfish House located in Marbella, Spain. The

Above ground pools get a bad rap. It's true that they can be less than elegant sometimes, but, as seen here, they can also be just as lovely as traditional swimming pools.

This water feature has an Egyptian feel to it.

crazy space saving pool in yard ideas I just think it would be fun to swim around the island! :) its like having a moat!

natural swimming pool (lap pool) by lorene