Apache Waaaay more useful than ground vehicles during the Zombie Apocalypse. Either become a Chopper pilot or become really good friends (maybe even marry one) just to be sure you are safe!

Helicopters, Chopper, Choppers

Black Hawk, Helicopters, War, Chopper, Choppers

Black Hawk, Aircraft, Hawks, Falcons, Airplane, Plane

Taken just after sunrise - Photo taken at Iskandiriyah [OFF AIRPORT] in Iraq in March,

Farnborough International Airshow off with Nothing else like it! - Photo taken at Farnborough (FAB / EGLF) in England, United Kingdom on July

United Kingdom, England, Iroquois, On July, Photos, Aviation, Pictures, Photographs, England Uk

Hawks, Helicopters, Black Hawk, Martin O'malley, Falcons, Chopper, Choppers