Talking Colors with Wild Plum Co |The Weaving Loom

Talking Colors with Wild Plum Co

We’re going to talk about using color in weaves and to help me talk about color, I’ve turned to my favorite weaver of colors Cassie H…


Love the look of woven wall hangings? Easy Weaving with Little Looms has instructions to help you create your own, with varied yarns, stitches, and other techniques.( want to make with plastic rope. (one used to tie bundles.

Camino a la playa.

Dimensional Weaving - Martina Celerin fiber art: Taking the Redeye to Ohio

Telaresytapices .... Maria Elena Sotomayor

Maria Elena Sotomayor Use thin reeds to weave between cours

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There was something deeply soothing about working at a loom. It wasn't just losing herself in the work. it was losing herself in work that had nothing to do with her family.