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Love these old apothecary desks and shelves. Here well repurposed in a restaurant. La Tortilleria Bodega 8 via

BODEGA OCHO by LA TORTILLERIA. Our friends from Grupo Pacífica entrusted La Tortillería with the inspiring task of defining the identity of their brand new venture: Bodega Ocho, a traditional regional mexican cuisine restaurant and authentic bar.

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Not addicted to "pot".but relaxation is another thing.If I could feel relaxed all the time.I guess you could say I'm addicted to the "feel good" part. It's not like I feel that way any other time.

alcohol enhances the ego which promotes violence - herb enhances altered states which leads to meditation, insight and peace

Bob Marley supported the use of marijuana. He believed that alcohol promoted corruption. He viewed marijuana as a herb that healed instead of destroyed. With Bob Marley's perspective, it can prove that marijuana provides care rather than destruction.