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Hernán Munita
Love these little birds.Black Capped Chickadee calls are complex communicating on identity and recognition of other flocks as well as predator alarms. The more dee notes in a chickadee call, the higher the threat level. Pretty Birds, Love Birds, Beautiful Birds, Black Capped Chickadee, State Birds, Kinds Of Birds, Tier Fotos, Backyard Birds, Bird Pictures

Bird of the Week: Black Capped Chickadee - Maggie's Farm

We are a commune of inquiring, skeptical, politically centrist, capitalist, anglophile, traditionalist New England Yankee humans, humanoids, and animals with many interests beyond and above politics. Each of us has had a high-school education (or GED), but all had ADD so didn't pay attention very well, especially the dogs. Each one of us does try my best to be just like I am, and none of us enjoys working for others, including for Maggie, from whom we receive neither a nickel nor a dime…

Chilean flamingo (Phoenicopterus chilensis) my spirit animal! Flamingo Art, Pink Flamingos, Animals And Pets, Cute Animals, Greater Flamingo, American Bobtail, Bird Artwork, 3d Studio, Pink Bird

Chilean_Flamingo_2128%255B8%255D.jpg (image)

Chilean flamingo (Phoenicopterus chilensis)

Did you hear? Old Mary May us back in soberville.we shall party clean tonight. Pretty Birds, Love Birds, Beautiful Birds, Fire Crown, Juan Fernandez, Fire Eyes, Bird Free, Little Birds, Wild Birds

Fotografía El Chucao (Scelorchilus rubecola) de Osvaldo Larrain L . en FotoNat.org

Galerías de imágenes y foros de la comunidad argentina de fotógrafos de naturaleza

Golondrina Chilena Chilean Swallow by DanielSziklai Pretty Birds, Beautiful Birds, Animals Beautiful, Tropical Birds, Colorful Birds, Pigeon, Owl Bird, Bird Art, Bird Drawings

✞Portrait of Christ ✞

Meditation upon Jesus Christ, the Word of God, His creation and His provision. Psalm 27:1 - Of...

Chuncho with a mouse (Chile) Credit: Christopher Alex Momberg Pumarino House At Pooh Corner, Wildlife Paintings, Beautiful Owl, Bird Wings, Owl Crafts, Mundo Animal, Birds Of Prey, Bird Houses, Pet Birds

Chuncho o Mochuelo (Athene noctua)

Información e imágenes acerca de la fauna presente en la Patagonia.

Las  Aves  que Viven  en  Chile: Hued Hued el aullador de la Selva Araucana In God We Trust, Colorful Birds, Creatures, Flora, Animals, Beautiful Birds, Beautiful People, Amazing Nature, Reptiles

Hued Hued el aullador de la Selva Araucana

Tuve la suerte de pasar mi niñez y juventud a los pies del cerro Cayumanqui , cumbre de la Cordillera de la Costa que entre la neblina co...

Golondrina Chilena - Chilean Swallow (Tachycineta meyeni) | Flickr - Photo… Small Birds, Colorful Birds, Watercolor Animals, Beautiful Birds, Beautiful People, Wild Birds, South America, Flora, Exotic

Golondrina Chilena - Chilean Swallow (Tachycineta meyeni)

-. Curso de Fotografía Nacional e Internacional .- * Estudia fotografía básica. También clases avanzadas en la especialidad de aves en libertad. Te enseño cómo editar en Photoshop. (Presencial o por Internet) * Estuda fotografia básica. Também na especialidade de aves em liberdade. Te ensino a editar no Photoshop. (Presencial ou pela Internet) * Study basic photography. Also higher-level classes in the subject area of free-living birds. I´ll teach you how to edit in Phtoshop. (In person…