Learn to create beautiful texture to your weaving by following this step-by-step tutorial that utilizes 5 easy techniques. So simple and pretty!

DIY Weaving Techniques: 5 Simple Ways To Add Texture

Mountain Falling Woven Tapestry created by Liz Toohey Wiese. Mixed wool and cotton hanging from a pine branch. I love loom work!

Blog - Patricia Cantos Design

A video by designer and artist Patricia Cantos showing the soumak weaving technique. Part of a series of weaving lessons for beginners. I also have knitting .

DIY Waves and Soumak Weaving Wall Art.

40 Awesome Wall Art DIY Ideas & Tutorials for Your Home Decoration 2017


Telares - I wonder if this is an adjustable loom length-wise. you could put the wood ends in a vice.