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Baldwin Spencer, my predecessor as Director, Melbourne Museum was intruged by similarity in clothing and customs between the Australian Aboriginals and the tribes of southern South America. Spenser was particularly interested in the cloaks worn by both and how they decorated them. He died on a trip to investigate the similarities. I thought Pinterest was a safer mode of investigation. I suggest you compare these cloaks with those of the Australian Aboriginals on their own board below.

George Macdonald
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Haush Indians of Tierra del Fuego

Wordpress Blogs: Articles, Bibliographies, Media Bibliography of the Haush (Manek'enk) Indians An Indigenous People of Southeastern Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Ethnographic Bibliographies no. 5 Landscape and environment Prehistory Language Lifestyle and technology Recent history Bibliography Landscape and Environment The Haush people (manek'enk in their own language) were a Patagonian Indian tribe who formerly lived in…

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