Shades of Autumn tapestry wallhanging

ha ha! Felting

✄ A Fondness for Felt ✄ DIY craft inspiration: tiny dog and tree - felted


I've been wanting to step outside my "it must be practical and useful" box and learn to create art and beauty like this!

Tapis DIAMOND. Coloris et graphisme tel un bijoux pour ce tapis mural décoratif


I usually favor bright colors, but the composition of these neutral shades caught me eye. Very striking design.


Wool doll /Nursery Mobile / Wall Hanging Waldorf inspired : White fairy with stars and crystal drop

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Se trata de un Waldorf inspirada pieza hecha de lana mediante la técnica de aguja-batanado. Se ha creado para dar una imagen pacífica y armoniosa que se comunica con el alma a través de sus colores, texturas, formas y energía.  Dimensiones: 8.5 diámetro. Muñeca: en 6,5.   ENVÍO: Desde la tienda home se encuentra en Montreal, contactar con el anunciante de tienda para más exacto-tiempo de entrega y gastos de envío.  Nota: no es un juguete.

Birthday Gift /Nursery Mobile / Wall Hanging Fairy : White fairy with Crystal wand

Birthday Gift /Nursery Mobile / Wall Hanging Fairy : by MagicWool

Tapestry Weaving, Wall Hangings, Felting, Loom Knitting, Pigs, Hessian Fabric, Feltro, Weaving, Embroidery


Mixed-media sculpture

Wood always adds EARTH energy to your space. Combined with clay and fiber it adds even more earth vibration. This is a good way to add that grounding energy without taking up floor space. FibrationsStudio in Portland, OR.

Paloma con chica vivero móvil de Gasa colgante de por MagicWool

Paloma con chica vivero móvil de Gasa colgante de pared Waldorf: chica de blanco

Dove with girl Nursery Mobile / Wall Hanging Waldorf inspired : Girl in white