Baked Garlic Cilantro Fries.

baked garlic cilantro fries

I make "fries" ie baked fries so often but i never thought of adding cilantro or garlic for that matter. silly me Baked Garlic Cilantro Fries

Zuchinni - Not just a boring Vegetable...several yummy looking recipies to try!

This reminds me of the Forgotten Stuffed Zucchinis I do in August with Hot Italian Sausage! Marki Stuffed zucchini boats-trying this with dinner tonite.

Torta mil hojas - How do they make all those layers?? Once again, lots of manjar. A very decadent dessert. If you don't like manjar, this (and many other Chilean pastries) is not for you.

This is torta mil hojas. It is also called "Thousand Layer Cake". It is a very popular Chilean dessert. This is a layer cake put together with a caramel filling. Sometimes the outside is covered with chopped walnuts.

Chilean Salsa for BBQ: Pebre from

Chilean Salsa for BBQ: Pebre

porotos granados

porotos granados (beans with a lot of delicious things) Typical Chilean summer delicious meal.

bistec a lo pobre

Bistec a lo pobre (poor mans steak) Classic Chilean Dish.

En mi cocina hoy: Berlines

Gourmet Donut Recipes: Berliners donuts with pastry cream, jam, and hazelnut chocolate spread