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Tree Branch Decor | Upcycle That

There are lots of amazing ways to turn branches into tree branch decor! Here are some of our favourite beautiful and functional ideas.

Eagle Wild Bird Fierce Powerful Artwork Wallsculpture Picture Tile Beautiful Nature Gift

The defiant stare of an eagle. I sculpted this bird from life, at a local raptor zoo. It's a treat to see these birds up close, but I always feel for these magnificent animals in captivity.... From my original clay sculpture, I made a mold, into which I cast hydrostone cement to create editions. These editions are then carefully and lovingly hand colored by me to produce unique, luminous works. No two are alike. Hooks on the back enable the sculpture to be hung up, just like a picture. A…

60 Creative DIY Glass Bottle Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

Here are 60 creative DIY glass bottle ideas for outdoor living spaces. From bottle trees to bottle walls, recycled glass bottles become outdoor art.

Spiral Wagon Wheel Mason Jar Chandelier (large)

This is a 12 spoke wagon wheel chandelier made with quart size mason jars. There are 12 hanging lights, one from each spoke. The chandelier will come with a plug that can be easily removed to be wired directly into a power source.We recommend a professional electrician install the chandelier if you wish for it to be wired directly into a power source. The wagon wheel is 36 inches in diameter. This "spiral" design is approximately 4 1/2 feet long from the wagon wheel to the base of the lowest…

What Nationality Is Your Sex Drive?

Which international culture represents your wildest desires?

Tile Plaque Variation and Process

Finished up some plaques with my newer tile style yesterday. Thought I would post a few quick pics of the process. Sketching ideas - think...

Chrysler Building

Posts about Chrysler Building written by Michael Krakovskiy

Detail from Kress Building

Kress Building: Built in 1932, one of the largest and most elaborately detailed Art Deco buildings in NC and the first building in Durham to have air conditioning. Now luxury condos and offices of Greenfire Development and Bull City Forward. (101 W Main St)

Sculptor and Mural Designer

Information on Charles Anderson as a sculptor and mural designer.

Chanin Building


Eagle Fierce Eyes Decorative Fine Art Wallsculpture/Tile | Etsy

High relief wallsculpture. A companion piece to my 'Eagle' sculpture in profile, this time a ' head- on' portrait. Eagles have inspired artists for thousands of years, along with lions, a symbol of power and freedom. A good deal of their appeal, of course, comes from that look in the eyes. I was going to call it 'Grumpy Eagle', but someone with a cat got there first. There are hooks on the back of the sculpture so that it may be hung up like a painting. Hand-cast and hand painted…

John Dory Fish Wallsculpture Nature Gift Ocean Artwork Custom Tiles

A sculpture of a 'John Dory' fish, cast in hydrostone cement , and hand coloured. In general, when I make any sort of sculpture, I feel it's necessary to have had direct experience or contact with the subject in order to create a nice piece. This item however, was inspired by a photo in a children's book. I knew next to nothing about the fish, but thought it had a very prehistoric look that I found interesting. Approximately 9 x 7 inches Signed and dated . If you need this sculpture for…