Sunburst Granny Square Pattern  (FREE Tutorial)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Sunburst Granny Square Pattern (FREE Tutorial) I love how the neutral colour binds all the bright colours into a united whole.

African Flower Crochet Is Perfect For Your Projects | The WHOot

African Crochet Flower Pattern For Projects

jugando con las tramas

Hand-painted silk on a Mirrix Looms.made a belt once on a hand loom/stick loom like this: very strong belt.

DIY 3D Crochet Rose in 3 Ways | LIKE Us on Facebook ==>

- "This is a beautiful rose corsage. I don't usually like the flowers that are made from a twisted strip because they're often too heavy, but this one is delicate looking! There are more charts and photos of how to make this at the site." Enjoy from

My fashion designer friend Sherry and I will be collaborating our designs for a fashion show in April. I'm making fabric jewelry and accessories!

Fabric Jewelry and Accessories

I just came across Lesh Loom and fell instantly in love with these woven jewelry pieces. Aren’t they beautiful?

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