Gonzalo San Martin Castro

Gonzalo San Martin Castro

Gonzalo San Martin Castro
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Ulfvordr  Wolfguard  Hand Forged Viking Style by HammerShoppeForge

Ulfvordr - Wolfguard Hand forged viking style ax, hand carved hickory handle, and heat treated Sledge steel. Norse wolf carved in leather on the handle, And viking runes carved into the head and the handle.

Viking Thor's Hammer Bracelet with eagle head. Mjolnir. Sterling silver Thor Hammer Vikings Pendant Viking Age Replica Lether cord

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor Pendant Size: mm Pendant Weight: 13 g.

Viking bracelet raven

The body of this chunky Viking bracelet is decorated with twisted coils, while the terminals are surmounted by stylised raven’s heads. The raven’s heads are inspired by Norse mythology, where the god.

AVES LEGENDARIAS : En la   mitología nórdica   Hugin   y   Munin , son un par de   cuervos   asociados con el dios   Odín . Hugin y Munin vi...

Thor's hammer Mjolnir made with a pen in 2010 Remember to send me a photo of your tattoo if you gonna use this design. Do you need Mjolnir in a high res.