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Nikon MicroscopyU | Small World Competition | 2011  Honorable Mention - Ms. Poulomi Ray  Clemson University - Clemson, South Carolina, USA  Specimen: Intestine of a 7.5 day old chick embryo (20x) - cross-section  Technique: Confocal

Poulomi Ray Clemson University Department of Biological Sciences Clemson, South Carolina, USA Subject Matter: Chick embryo intestine Technique: Confocal

Arabic illustration explaining the phases of the Moon

Arabic illustration explaining the phases of the Moon. Medieval manuscript on exhibit at the Getty Research Institute at the Getty Center.

Dunes in Noachis Terra Region of Mars -- NASA.

Dunes in Noachis Terra Region of Mars This enhanced-color image shows sand dunes trapped in an impact crater in Noachis Terra, Mars. Dunes and sand ripples of various shapes and sizes display the natural beauty created by physical processes.

This image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows a vast river system on Saturn's moon Titan. The image was acquired on Sept. 26, 2012, on Cassini's 87th close flyby of Titan. It stretches more than 200 miles. Scientists deduce that the river is filled with liquid because it appears dark along its entire extent in the high-resolution radar image, indicating a smooth surface. That liquid is presumably ethane mixed with methane.

NASA's Cassini orbiter has spotted a river system on the Saturnian moon Titan that's reminiscent of the River Nile — except that this river is presumably filled with liquid ethane and methane instead of water. The Titanic Nile shows up