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Take a prepared to take notes.there will be a quiz later.<<< and at the end of the month, a final which will be worth of your grade. Me: You asked, now you must go through the art of shipping

I kindof do kindof don't ship Johnlock. I think they should be together but not in a lovey-dovey sort of way. GO JOHNLOCK


This is hilarious. (It bothers me that the ring is in the wrong finger though. Sherlock you had one job.) <--- depends on which country you live in ;

Johnlock by DrSlug on deviantART ❤

BBC Sherlock Holmes / John Watson / Johnlock / gif / fanart / fan art / kiss / "Sher-" "Shut up." "But- " "I SAID SHUT UP." "Sherlock, there's a reason why people think we're gay.