Soccer BAll PowerPoint - Great for any Sports Presentations. Has an ample space for texts, pictures and other stuff to make your presentation stand out.

This is a Soccer Powerpoint Template with a blue background and a soccer player kicking the ball.

NBA Basketball PPT Template - A very nice and clean background perfect for Basketball Clinic Presentations for kids and teens who wants to be the next NBA Superstar!

NBA Basketball PPT Template - A very nice and clean background perfect for Basketball Clinic Presentations for kids and teens who wants to be the next NBA Superstar!

Medal PowerPoint Template - A template fit for a champion. Make use of this by making presentations about sporting events showcasing the winners and special achievers.

If you are looking for a champion background for PowerPoint then this free medal PowerPoint template is for you, with a gray background with a medal image on the corner and ready to celebrate the first position

Basketball Background PPT - You can use this for Basketball clinics presentations and for championships or other Basketball events.

Basketball Background for PowerPoint is a sport theme for PowerPoint that you…

Motion PowerPoint Template - Running is one of the best exercise that will make you feel light and is easy on the pocket because it's free and you can do it anywhere. Like this ppt template free to download and use it for any purpose or occasions.

Motion PowerPoint Template is a free PPT template with a girl running in the slide design and this template was created for life style presentations or to be used as a free life style PowerPoint template

Soccer PowerPoint Themes - Ride the wave and enjoy a soccer field day! Use this action-packed template to make your presentations lively and full of energy.

If you are looking for free Soccer PowerPoint themes for your sport presentations then this background with goalkeeper is a good choice as a free soccer background for PowerPoint presentations

Football PowerPoint Template - Flex those  muscles, run as fast as you can, throw the ball and make sure you make it to the goal! Use this power-packed template and add muscles to your presentations.

Free Football Powerpoint Template is a free Super Bowl PPT slide design with an american football player, Super Bowl is the name given to the final match of the championship of the NFL, professional football league in the United States

France Soccer PowerPoint - This was inspired by World Cup 2010. Great for fans of this France Soccer team. Make a tribute ppt presentation about the team or your favorite player.

France Soccer PowerPoint template was inspired on World Cup 2010 and has France flag design with soccer football on top, useful for Europoean soccer championships as well as other regional championships

Uruguayan Soccer - Soccer Fanatics who can't get enough of the Uruguay Soccer Team can use this for Presentations about their achievements, add some pictures, music and texts to show your love and support.

Uruguayan Soccer PowerPoint template is a free presentation template and slide design with the flag of Uruguay and soccer player

Surf Sunset Template PPT - Use this to present surfing lessons and basic 101 skills to kids and adult, even dogs!

Suft Sunset is a free template for PowerPoint with a surf design background

Ballooning PowerPoint - Makes me remember the movie Up. A very nice template for Hot Air Balloon fanatics or just simply use this for any sporting presentations.

Ballooning PowerPoint is a nice template with pink background for teenagers or ballooning or can also be used for balloon fights or organizing cheap hot air balloon rides.

Skate PowerPoint Template - Want a dangerous but exciting life. Add a little excitement and thrill to your presentations with this high flying, thrill-seeking ppt template.

This background was used by some professional skaters or tech deck skate parks which need to create amazing PowerPoint presentations about skating

Surf PowerPoint Template - Light on the eyes, captivate your audience with this beautiful tropical inspired template. Great for summer, outdoor and swimming related presentations.

Suft PowerPoint template is a free orange surf background for PowerPoint presentations. This time the surfer in PowerPoint is running a wave and you can use this template for suft championship or suft tournaments.

Soccer World Cup PPT - Inspired by the South Africa World Cup, this explains the colorful rings that surrounds the man playing Soccer. Perfect for soccer fanatics and wannabes.

Soccer PowerPoint template was inspired on South Africa World Cup. The template has a soccer player inside the colorful circles and the slide has white background.