An incredible pencil drawing

Manchester-based artist Martin Lynch-Smith expertly sketches the human eye, capturing every minute detail. From the wispy hairs of ones eyelashes and the wrinkled creases under the eye to the entrancing texture of the iris, the artist is able to execute h

Graphic design inspiration | #1052

Graphic design inspiration

Hopscotch Music Festival Poster DESCRIPTION: Colourful, bright and fun music poster design. The overall style reflects the genre of the music festival well; indie, rock & roll, country, etc.

20 DIY: Unique and Interesting Vinyl Record Projects- Perfect! I have tons of records!

Top 10 DIY Unique Vinyl Records Recycle

its so punny its a world record

World Record

It reminds me of a globe am a record player. music is the world, music is life

I am so in love. I could totally go to goodwill for the vinyl. So brilliant.

DIY dream catcher, this is a CD, but you could easily do it with an old you'd just have to have a power drill for the holes