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Undertale, papyrus, Sans

Undertale, papyrus, Sans--I found this on ask-snowdin-duo, but it's not from them. Still, go check them out. The mun is super talented and sweet.

undertale, sans, papyrus

simonsoys: “ More wrapping up old 2015 doodles. This had something to do with that Grillby + baby bones doodle I did in November. I was going to base a comic around it, but I don’t remember the entire.

Well is not a "OC" is only my frisk version U I don't have OC in undertale world. But i couldn't resist do it. More that ship, its look like Sans was scared x'D Yep they are cry...i wanted to exper...

Ah… HelloThis is my first comic in my life.this shot i got from one beautiful undertale fanfiction.Through Hollow Eyes by tsuki th.


Making tile backgrounds feels great, have some spooky bones. [EDIT : Phone background versions for Papyrus and Sans here due to popular demand!