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Concept - The product ‘Electron Tiffin’ from Milton has a unique feature of keeping food warm for long hours and also reheating. Keeping that in mind I immediately thought of long drives and travelling. Our homemade food often gets cold very quick when we…

Shruti Dattani
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Smoking is not a healthy habit to have, of that we all agree but what has that got to do with art? The fact is that art works at not only pleasing the senses but can also be used to show a worthy and impactful message. If you don’t believe us, then we suggest that you give another thought to the maxim that one picture is worth a thousand words. See, now you know what we mean by saying that art can do double duty; one of pleasing the senses and the other of provoking thought and spreading…

Veronica Herrera
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We are surrounded by items, buildings, and even software that was designed one way or another. It tends to stick out when something is so poorly considered that we have to stop and wonder “what were they thinking?” Fortunately, most of the things around us conform to our expectations. A table is a table and a street sign is a street sign.

Schooljerk Designs

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