Art lessons for special needs students

Unlock the creative potential of special needs students with inclusive art lessons. Discover techniques, projects, and resources to empower students and foster self-expression.
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Scribble monsters are a favorite in my adapted art class! If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I am absolutely head over heels in love with teaching adapted art! I love teaching and creating lessons that meet the individual needs of my students in order to provide them with their own authentic, enrichin

Carly Winter
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Since I began my teaching career, I have always worked with students of all different learning styles, and learning speeds. I have worked with students who have a wide range of diagnoses, Autism, LD, Emotional Behavioral, Learning Support, and Multiple Disabilities. I must say that working with my special needs students are among the best experiences of my teaching career. Some of my students are very limited in what they can do, yet, in my classroom its as if the possibilities are endless…

cynthia M
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We have been in school for almost a month. (I can't believe it either!) So far, this is the BEST year yet! My kids love art and I love teaching through the arts. I am always on the look-out for amazing art resources to use with my kiddos, but they are hard to come by. This summer, I found an incredible resource that was created by Whimsy Workshop. She does ALL of the work for you! There are background information sheets for each type of art that she includes. There are 3 art projects for…

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Do's, Don'ts and Ideas Art is for Everyone Art class for students with special needs can be both extremely challenging and wonderfully rewarding. It’s challenging when you have students that put everything in their mouth, enjoy art class only for the sensory input of the art materials, have fine motor challenges, throw supplies and so

Laura Donworth
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The most important thing to keep in mind when planning to meet the needs of students is that they are all unique individuals with unique needs. The diversity in human beings is beautiful. It is worth celebrating. Unfortunately, I don’t think teachers get enough training in teacher prep programs or

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