Bar cookie recipes

Indulge your sweet tooth with these mouthwatering bar cookie recipes. From classic chocolate chip to creative flavors, find your new favorite treat today!
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Snickerdoodle Bars have the same awesome taste like the classic cookie but in bar form. You may want to bake 2 pans, they are delicious! Snickerdoodle Bars We're a Snickerdoodle loving family at our house! Those soft little cookies with the cinnamon sugar on top let's just say, they get made often & disappear rather

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Okay, this list of squares and bars recipes has my mouth watering. I didn't think I would be such a huge fan, but oh my goodness, these look AMAZING. I don't know which ones I want to try first!? Maybe it's because squares seem more doable than a fancy cake? Or maybe it's that they tend to be soft, gooey and amazingly delicious? They also tend to be a great treat to take to a party and are amazing when it's time to do some holiday baking... oooo... this is making me excited for holiday…

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No Bake homemace crunch bars using just one bowl, 5 ingredients and less than 2 minutes! This quick and easy snack or dessert is naturally gluten free, vegan, dairy free and can be made sugar free!