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Vogue Greece puts 14 women on the March 2022 covers -- women who have made peace with their bodies. Celebrities, Vogue, Women, Fashion Editor, Vogue Photography, Vogue Magazine, Real Bodies, Body Image, Body Acceptance

The March 2022 issue of Vogue Greece joins a global Vogue project that unites all editions of Vogue, asking the essential question: In the age of the perfect image, how easy is it to truly love our "unfiltered" body? Photographer Thanassis Krikis [IG] photographs 14 women “with real bodies” [we hope so!] and shares them with no retouching.

Liv Karsenbarg
120 Positive Body Confidence Captions For Instagram (With Graphics) - On Your Journey Instagram, Ideas, Confidence Quotes, Positive Body Affirmations, Quotes About Body Confidence, Positive Body Image Quotes, Body Positive Quotes, Positive Body Image, Body Confidence Quotes

In a world often swamped with unrealistic beauty standards and the relentless pursuit of the "perfect body", it’s imperative to embrace the diversity and uniqueness that each individual woman’s body demands. Beauty is an aura,

Hannah Giles
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With editing apps and photoshopping software widely available, everyone can have an athletic body, a perfect vacation, or be youthful forever with just a touch of a finger. But how much can you alter a photo before it becomes a blatant giveaway that what you’re posting is far from reality?

Sofia Scarlett
Woman Photographs Strangers To Show How People React To Overweight People Outfits, People, Skinny, Fat Women, Study Outfit, Photographer, Fat Fashion, Wait Watchers, Body Positive Fashion

When photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero decided to take pictures of herself in environments that made her feel uncomfortable, she didn't expect to come up with another project that earned her a world-wide fame. "Wait Watchers" is a social experiment in a form of series of photos that capture how passers-by react to overweight people they see on the street. Back in 2010, after taking a self-portrait on some steps in Times Square, the photographer noticed that a man behind her was staring at…

Pamela Nation
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With seemingly ‘perfect’ social media posts hammering on your self-worth each and every day, it’s easy to get lost in the noise and believe that you might not look as good as you do. Correct posing, professional lighting, getting implants, having the entire day to exercise before photos, taking countless pictures until you get the right one, and photo-editing can turn anyone into an Instagram model or a fitness blogging star. However, it’s an inaccurate representation of reality and it can…

Rebeca Beatriz Navarrete