Brownie mix desserts

Indulge in mouthwatering desserts made with brownie mix. From gooey brownie cookies to decadent brownie ice cream sundaes, discover the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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Boxed brownies are one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon mankind. So that's a little dramatic, but seriously, boxed brownie mix is amazing. You can make regular old brownies with it using the least amount of ingredients possible, but you can also use the chocolately mix as a backdrop for a million other delicious flavors. If you're looking to jazz up your plain brownie mix, try these 15 tricks of the trade. Guaranteed to take your brownies from boring to brilliant. Cookie Chunk Brownies…

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You’ll be surprised how outside the box these creative brownie recipes are, especially since they all start with a box of Betty’s brownie mix. Whether you like ‘em ooey-gooey or chewy, extra-chocolatey or a paired with peanut butter, we’ve got a brownie dessert for you.

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These S'mores brownies are a delicious brownie recipe made from a brownie box mix. Fast, simple, and no campfire needed!

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