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Streamline your professional wardrobe with these efficient business capsule ideas. Discover how to create a versatile and stylish collection that will save you time and effort every morning.
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Think you need to spend a fortune on clothes, constantly stay up to date with brands/trends, shop till you drop, and have endless options in your closet to stay stylish? Think again. Enter the capsule wardrobe!This concept popular these days and it is one of the top areas our clients ask us here at Prept. The capsule wardrobe concept has been around for some time, which makes sense, as it's all about finding timeless, classic pieces that can stand the test of time. So, let's talk about it…

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I'm going to be a little bossypants right now. Shocking, right? I want you to close your eyes (well, you may need to squint so you can keep reading, but you get the idea) and picture me in your closet. Naturally, I'd be standing on a stool. I'm 5'2", and 5'1" of that is hair,

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Sharing my business professional workwear capsule! Looking for a business casual capsule? Check out my post HERE. What Is a Work Capsule Wardrobe? If you are new to capsule wardrobes, a capsule wardrobe is made up of a few essential items that don’t go out of style and can be rotated seasonly. With classic, versatile...Read the Post

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