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A bowl with lentil soup with potatoes, rice, sausage and cheese on top. Lentils, Lentil Soup, Foodies, Winter, Chorizo Soup, Chorizo Soup Recipes, Chilean Recipes, Chorizo, Chile

Chilean lentil soup with rice and chorizo is a traditional Chilean winter dish. Like many old dishes, each family has its version, so feel free to adapt this recipe as you like best. In my family, it has always been with potatoes and rice, lentils and chorizo sometimes, they also added chard or spinach, and I know of families where they add tomato.

Mareva Babsy
Pebre Mexican Food Recipes, Salsa, Houmus, Guacamole, Chutney, Chilean Recipes, Mexican Dishes, Chili Paste, Chilean

Pebre (Chilean Chili Salsa) Makes approximately 3 cups *Notes: This is the way Ms. M’s grandmother taught her to make pebre. Ms. M is from Santiago, so her pebre may look very different from a pebre made in someone’s home in another part of the country. That’s the beauty of this condiment! Some versions use tomatoes, […]

Jerry Newell