Christ pantocrator

Explore the profound symbolism and spiritual significance of the Christ Pantocrator, an iconic image of Jesus Christ as the ruler and judge of all creation. Discover the art, history, and meaning behind this awe-inspiring representation of divine authority.
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The Pantocrator Illustrating the Hypostatic Union of Jesus Christ. The First Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D. codified the doctrine of the hypostatic union. This states that the humanity and divinity of Christ are made one and exist as one in the Logos, the Word made flesh. Or as is proclaimed in the Divine Praises,...

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HAND PAINTED BYZANTINE ICON OF JESUS CHRIST ON WOOD WITH GOLD LEAF 24 KARAT The icon image is hand painted with egg tempera and varnish layer ensuring waterproofing. It reflects our real belief in our religious tradition. It is carefully worked according to the style and the criteria required by the Cretan School of Mount Athos, prepared by an iconographer without other costs incurred, therefore the price contains no trading profit. The icon is made to order. Needs 7-20 days to be completed…