Classroom objectives

Set clear and measurable objectives in your classroom to enhance student learning and achievement. Discover proven strategies to create a focused and productive learning environment.
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When I looked at my last post and realized it was Christmas themed, I realized I was long overdo for a blog post. This new year has brought a lot of changes for my district, and one of those changes was the requirement to have all objectives posted. My grade level already had them posted, so we felt like we could check this off our list. They worked great and I loved that they took up very little space. This smaller set is editable, so you do have the option of typing your objectives. I used…

Kyndal Sims
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After having a long holiday, some students may be a little bit lazy to go back to school. They prefer to enjoy themselves at home and play with their friends. Turning back their mood toward studying and learning at school, needs more effort since they usually enjoy their free time. One thing that we can do as a teacher is design the classroom by applying a new concept or decoration. So that it can steal the students’ attention and surely boost their mood contact teachers looking for NYC…

Stephanie Collins