Combat Knives

Discover the top combat knives that are designed for ultimate performance. Find the perfect knife for your outdoor adventures and be prepared for any situation.
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Owning a knife can play an essential role in keeping you or your family safe. They come in many shapes and sizes, but a combat/fighting knife is made for defending yourself and causing maximum damage to your enemy. Some blade types have benefits over others. Below are the various types: Tanto: This blade has a

M48 Liberator Trench Knife With Sheath - 2Cr13 Cast Stainless Steel Blade, Layered Handle Scales - Length 13 3/4” Ninja Weapons, Weapons And Gear, Blades Weapons, Weapons Guns, Airsoft Guns, Pretty Knives, Cool Knives, Swords And Daggers, Knives And Swords

M48 Liberator Trench Knife - Knuckle Duster, Stainless Steel Blade - Engineered for tactical missions, the M48 Liberator Trench Knife is not just a tool but a tactical advantage in the field. Hand-to-hand combat is an undeniable reality in many missions, and this trench knife has been specially crafted to help you emerge victorious. Its innovative spiked knuckle-buster handle is an embodiment of functional design, aimed to empower you during close-range combat. The blade of the M48 Liberator…

Sandy Pickering
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Kult Of Athena - Daggers - UC2772 - Expendables Throwing Knives Set - Just like the throwers that Lee Christmas uses in The Expendables movie, this throwing knife set features three perfectly balanced throwing knives constructed of single pieces of anodized AUS-6 stainless steel. Each thrower measures 12 inch long and features an anodized double-edged, stainless steel blade with a black cord-wrapped handle with a finger hole. Included is a custom nylon sheath with belt loop and leg strap for…


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