Learn about the life and achievements of Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds in history. Discover insightful quotes and interesting facts about this renowned physicist.
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Rejection is one of those things all of us have to face. It might be in a studio review; our professor is not happy with our work or the direction we've taken. It can even be in the workplace, after working hard on something, those above us ridicule and criticize it. And there are still those...

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Holy. This artist called Mads Madsen has an amazing skill for colourising old black and white photographs. Even beside their original counterpart the results are impressive, bringing a new dimension of realism to historic images. Hit the jump to see more images below, or click here to see a video of how he does it. PREVIOUS: The Van Gogh Selfie

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While many animals rely on other senses — like smell in the case of dogs or hearing in that of bats — humans depend on sight. We build our lives around visual cues, and use them for finding food, mates, and shelter, as well as more complex behaviors such as parental care.

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