Email wedding invitations

Make your wedding invitations special with unique and personalized email designs. Save time and money while impressing your guests with stylish and convenient electronic invites.
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Discover the benefits of going paperless and find out everything you need to know about sending online wedding invitations, including the best sites for crafting them. Plus, we'll walk you through the benefits of digital wedding invitations and how they measure up to physical ones.

Stefanie Julian
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Alright girl scout, after we have a cocktail (or two) to celebrate your engagement, it’s time to get down to business: your invitations. And today, I’m sharing the essentials of what wedding invitations include… and what not to include. Hopefully, this roadmap will help you craft a carefully-worded invitation full of both charm and formality. Shake out those nerves, and let’s break down everything you need for the classiest correspondence you’ll ever send. In today’s post, you’ll learn two…

Marcie Holbrook
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Looking for the latest in wedding invitation trends? Look no further. I am a professional stationery designer and wedding blogger so staying on top of and ahead of the trends in all things paper is part of my job. I got into stationery design because I loved traditional paper-making techniques, creating unique and personal stationery […]

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