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Learn how to develop emotional awareness to improve your relationships, manage stress, and enhance your overall well-being. Discover practical tips and techniques to cultivate emotional intelligence and lead a happier, more fulfilling life.
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This digital download, based on a simple mindfulness technique, was created to help you learn how to process and work through the difficult emotions that we all experience. Being able to fully and safely work through emotions allows them to be released, making space for the happier emotions without the burden of the difficult ones that increase dis-ease. What you get - Step-by-step R.A.I.N. Method explained - Over 30 Journal Prompts - Comprehensive list alternative of coping strategies…

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I usually know when I need to grow or change in a specific area. The signs are typically clear: I’m continually stressed out, or causing someone else to be stressed out. Or, I am deeply dissatisfied, frustrated, or not seeing progress. For me, recognizing the need for change is the easy part. T

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We have often used the words feelings and emotions interchangeably. While feelings originate in the heart, emotions are physical-more like a response of the brain. However, two are very different.

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(+FREE Worksheets PDF) Learn how to set boundaries in a relationship without being controlling using 25 effective strategies to enforce boundaries in relationships...Boundaries are limits that define where we end and others begin. They protect us from abusers and keep us emotionally safe.

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If you want to boost your emotional intelligence, it's important to communicate and read body language effectively. EQ researcher and TEDx speaker Harvey Deutschendorf shares what the most emotionally intelligence people never do when talking to others.

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There's intelligence, there's emotional intelligence, and then there's low emotional intelligence. Here are some easy to spot signs of low emotional intelligence so you can know more about this learned skill.

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