Fair photography

Explore stunning fair photography ideas to capture the essence of fairs and create unique and memorable images. Get inspired and take your photography skills to the next level!
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How many of you guys love the fair?! (I'm pretending you all said "me!") I do! Its one of my favorite things about the end of summer! I'm all about the corn dogs and lemonade and cotton candy and fried (insert already unhealthy food option here). Actually my current fave is fried butter. O

Katerina Vasilieva
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Photography is historically much more different from all of the other art mediums. Since it came much later than other artforms, it was democratic right from the outset: anyone with a camera and some enthusiasm could participate. But, of course, the technical knowhow, the prices of the first cameras and photos, and many other factors made professionals look really good.

Monica De Paul