Fall is here

Embrace the arrival of fall with cozy and colorful ideas to decorate your home. Discover ways to bring the warmth and beauty of autumn into your living space.
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So right before all the snow hit… November was pretty darn dreamy! Not to say I don’t like snow, I really do. I mean you sort of have to like it at least a little bit to live in Michigan and be sane, hahaha. But I just wish it’d hold off until after Thanksgiving. Ah well, can’t control the weather

Alessia Zita
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... And then it was. and I am ready ~ I'll once again prepare my old farmhouse ~ for the coming cold months... ... and remember the important things. I'll savor the colors & scents of this season ~ and keep them in my heart for another year... ~ another turn of the Wheel. ... trying to stop time to enjoy it's swift passing, before my beloved Autumn is gone again. and feed my soul with it's beauty and bounty, and hold close the memories that will be made ... with my needle & thread ~ and of…

Linda T.