Fruit smoothie recipes healthy

Discover a collection of delicious and healthy fruit smoothie recipes that are packed with nutrients. Start your day off right with these refreshing and easy-to-make smoothies.
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You'll learn How to Make a Frozen Fruit Smoothie that comes out perfectly creamy and loaded with flavor every time once you know this basic recipe. With this simple smoothie formula, you'll be able to mix it up with fresh berries and frozen tropical fruits, add in greens such as spinach or kale, and even make them vegan and dairy-free.

Tara Asdenti
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If you ask us, freezer meals for new moms are game changers. They will literally make your first few weeks home with the baby so much easier. When you bring your baby home from the hospital you are still recovering from labor and delivery, your functioning on very little sleep and you have this tiny precious baby to take care of. Seriously, the last thing you have time or energy, is making hot dinners every night. Yeah, you could order take out. But we like healthy home cooked food that…

Jen H