Full body workout routine

Achieve your fitness goals with these effective full body workout routines. Get stronger, burn calories, and improve your overall fitness with these top ideas.
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Free 28-min "Full Body Workout" workout trains your Abs, Arms, Back, Chest and Legs.... Follow this free 11-exercise routine with step-by-step demonstrations for women and men in the WorkoutLabs Fit mobile app (https://wlabs.me/fit-ios-app) or in your browser. Enjoy!

Kim Connelly
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The ultimate 30-minute full-body dumbbell workout plan for men looking to build muscle and burn fat. Hit your entire body with this efficient routine that targets the lower body, core, back, chest, shoulders, and arms. Exercises like squats, lunges, curls, and presses work multiple muscle groups at once for a time-saving total body workout. The full workout plan included makes it easy to maximize your gym time and sculpt the physique you want with this comprehensive dumbbell routine!

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BONUS: If you're unsure why we're featuring Rob McElhenney's workout, you probably didn't realize he got absolutely shredded. The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star got superhero JACKED. The It's Always Sunny stud showed off his new physique not only in episodes of the show, but also in his new role with Apple TV+ for the show: Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet. The crazy part about his physique is that he not only got insanely ripped, but he was able to do it in just 7 months, going from…

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