Going Vegetarian

Explore a wide variety of delicious and nutritious vegetarian recipes to help you embrace a healthy lifestyle. Discover the benefits of going vegetarian and start your journey today.
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I’ve been a vegetarian since around the beginning of 2020 but it was a bit of a transition to get to that point. Drastically changing how you eat involves making

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Happy Friday! What’s on the agenda for you guys this weekend? It’s supposed to be cold and rainy here so we’ll probably lay low, watch a movie and bake muffins. I’m a leeettle obsessed with my most recent muffin creation and I can’t wait to share them with you. But you’re going to have come […]

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Are you interested in becoming a vegetarian, but you're not sure how to start? Then this beginner's guide on how to become a vegetarian is for you! You'll learn how to start eating less meat so you can painlessly ease into vegetarianism. The vegetarian lifestyle is better for your health and better for the environment, and making the switch isn't hard at all. Use these tips to learn how to become a vegetarian today! eco-friendly|sustainable|how to become a vegetarian|how to eat less meat

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