International typographic style

Discover the principles and impact of the International Typographic Style. Get inspired by stunning designs and learn how to incorporate this influential style into your own work.
Jan Tschichold – Typographic Genius | Retinart Constructivism, Editorial, Bauhaus, De Stijl, Design, Herbert Bayer, German Design, History Design, Dada Movement

Jan Tschichold left an impression upon the world of graphic design and typography that few could compete against. From strongly advocating the beauty of sans serif fonts and clean, organised design 20 years before it took off, to strengthening the design of Penguin books to turn them into the something special that they are. Jan Tschichold spent a life learning and exploring and left us with much to do the same. Early Life & Education Jan Tschichold took his first gulp of air on the second…

Mark Pascale