Italian appetizers easy

Discover simple and flavorful Italian appetizer recipes that will wow your guests. From bruschetta to arancini, explore these easy-to-make dishes that will transport you to Italy.
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Delicious garlic olive oil dip made with 5 core ingredients for the best easy appetizer! This simple olive oil dip is filled with savory, salty flavors and a kick of heat for dipping your favorite bread like focaccia or a sliced baguette. Elevate your appetizer table with this incredible restaurant-style dip!

Molly Jennings
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Italians are more than just their pizzas and pasta. Classic Italian appetizers are perfect for any season throughout the year. For summer, you may go for a refreshing caprese salad. If you want to welcome fall, try serving some tasty crispy frico cups. Another good thing about Italian appetizers is that they are fairly easy to create! And no, you do not need to stay in the kitchen for hours.

Megan Mason