Jet set radio

Get ready to groove to the beat and unleash your inner skater with our ultimate guide to Jet Set Radio. Discover the best tips, tricks, and hidden secrets to dominate the streets and become the ultimate graffiti artist.
JSRF Inside - The art of Jet Set Radio Future and Modding: JSRF - Artstyle analysis Video Game, Jet Set Radio, Game Design, Jet Set, Videogames, Radio, Video Games, Jet, Game Art

Deconstructing the JSRF Artstyle JSRF is known for its "cell-shaded" style, which is achieved through texture, shading, lighting as well as post-process screen effects. I believe JSRF uses a technique called lightwarp-shading to shade the models. The lightwarp shades the 3D model with a gradient of different brightnesses and color tones. Here is a similar example of this shading technique as seen in the game Team Fortress 2. The right side is the lightwarp shading. TF2 pyro lightwarp…

Isaiah Shaw