Large concrete pavers

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor area with large concrete pavers. Discover top ideas to create a modern and stylish patio or pathway for your home.
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When I last left off, we were just getting started planning out the spacing for our pavers so we could make our form. We had purchased some 12' long 2x4s since the space we are working with is 13' long. Then we laid them out and played around with the spacing between them until we found something that looked balanced. We settled on 24"x24" blocks with a 6" gap down the center and in between rows. This left about 12" on either side. Once we had settled on that set up, it was time to make our…

Strength to Flourish
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Paving, including concrete, stone, and tile, and paving alternatives, like gravel and mulch, are the materials we walk, sit, cook, eat, and play on in a landscape design. We’ll discuss different types of paving (hard surfaces), and some alternative surface materials that can be used to create functional paths and... Read more »

Drew Bassler
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This was hands down the most backbreaking laborious project we have ever done. However, I would do it over again if it meant this was the outcome. I’ve dreamed of having an English inspired garden and patio for so many years and now I have it! A true dream. We believe we would have been quoted anywhere from $10k to $25k to hire professionals based on talking to a few people. That definitely wasn’t going to happen so we decided to roll up our sleeves and do the work ourselves. We spent under…

Ilse Vallejo