Letter recognition activities preschool

Help your preschooler learn and recognize letters with these fun and engaging activities. Explore top ideas to make learning letters exciting and interactive for your little one.
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7 Hands-on Ways to Practice Letter Recognition at home! Practice letters with these fun and easy to prep activities today!

Alyssa Ehresmann
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This year for preschool we are part of a co-op preschool group. I put together name recognition activities for all the kids in the preschool. Here are the activities. Name sticks To make this activity. I got paint stick stirrers and used Mod Podge to glue the letters of the child's name on to the stick. Then used mounting tape to stick the letters onto the clothespins. Your child matches up the letters to spell their name. Name Block Matching This can be made in any word document or you…

Anja Stysch
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I think it’s safe to say that the warmer weather is FINALLY here to stay (fingers crossed), and we couldn’t be happier about it! This means water play ideas for preschoolers will be the name of the game. We need all the outdoor time we can get after such a long winter. Just before we

Kristen Baldwin
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Say goodbye to workbooks and hello to engaging letter recognition activities! Get outside and get creative while your child learns to identify their letters!

Moani Orstead
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I am so excited to share these themed simple activity plans with you! Use these ideas with your preschool or pre-k aged child to add themed fun to your week. Do an activity a day to engage, learn, and play alongside your...

Amber Best

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