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Explore charming Maine house ideas for your dream home. Find inspiration to create a cozy and inviting space that captures the essence of Maine living.
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Hi Friends! Today I am so excited to share with you the six interior designers that I get the most inspiration from on a regular basis. Some of these designers, I have been following for years and some are newer to me, but all of them offer incredible designs and an eye for detail that...

Amanda Davison
The Places I'm Most Excited to Visit Once We Can Travel Again — Kristy & New England England, Architecture, New England Lake House, New England Beach House, New England Cottage, Kennebunkport Maine, New England Style Homes, New England Homes, New England Coast

A lot of our conversations lately center around where we want to go once we can travel again. We are all starting to get tired of these walls— as I’m sure everyone is at this time. Our daily walks and time in the yard help, but we have never wanted to travel around New England as much as we do now!

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A Beloved Coastal Maine Summerhouse Gets a Vibrant Redo—Gingham Included! Exterior, Architecture, Colonial, Cottage Style, House, House Styles, Gambrel, House Exterior, Cottage Exterior

At a ripe 30 years old, it was full midlife crisis. This classic shingle-style house on Maine’s mid-coast had, for three decades, served as summer central for a Massachusetts family. They loved its tucked-away waterfront locale and salty New England charm, but the home’s dark interiors, cramped kitchen, and general sense of the blahs begged for a refresh. Plus, grandkids were now in the mix, so additional sandy feet toddling around necessitated rethinking the flow and functionality. “Our…

Dede Woodmont