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Unlock your artistic potential with these painting lessons. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, discover valuable tips and techniques to enhance your skills and create stunning works of art.
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By Carrie Lewis in Art Tutorials > Painting Tutorials Have you ever lost track of time watching painting tutorials on YouTube? I know I have! And I’ve found some AMAZING painting videos I’d like to share. Today I’m going to list over 50 of the best “how to paint” videos that I’ve watched in the last few weeks. I’ll start with the videos that apply to all painting mediums, and then share several videos for specific mediums (acrylic, oil, gouache, etc). Enjoy! […]

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This post is all about how to paint the illusion of detail. That is, how can we trick the eye into thinking there's more going on than what's actually there. I'll cover: What It Means and Why It’s Important First, let's go over what exactly the illusion of detail means and why it's important. A

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